Tuesday, December 10, 2013

KeyScrambler Professional Download Free

Size: 13 mb
Files: 2
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Seeds 131 SeedsLeechers 84 Leechers

Category: Security|Keylogger / Monitoring
Developer: QFX Software Corporation
Size: 13 Mb


What is new: Fixed compatibility bug with the autotype feature of KeePass. Fixed typing bug after switching input languages. Fixed number pad not working in command prompt. Fixed Korean input not working in MS Word. Fixed doubled letters in Xfire. Added support for the following applications: Browsers: Cyberfox, QupZilla, Superbird, Torch. Password Managers: Password Depot, SplashID Safe, Steganos Password Manager. Email Programs: eM Client, Foxmail.

KeyScrambler Professional is a web browser plugin that encrypts your keystrokes to protect your personal information keylogger. KeyScrambler Professional protects everything you type to a website, whether it's your passwords, credit card numbers, keywords, or e-mail, reported. When using the keyboard, the keys to pass through the path of the operating system before it arrives at your browser. Plant a keylogger on this path and observe and record your keystrokes. Collected data is then poslánk criminals who use it to steal from you. KeyScrambler win keyloggers by encrypting the keyboard, the keyboard driver level deep in the operating system. When the encrypted keystrokes reach your browser, KeyScrambler then decode them so you see exactly the keys you've typed. Keylogger saves only the encrypted keys, which are completely unreadable. In contrast to the anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that depend on recognition to remove keyloggers that they know about, KeyScrambler will protect you from both known and unknown keyloggers. What's more, KeyScrambler protection without getting in your way. You do not need to know something about the program and you do not need to do anything differently, but KeyScrambler important personal information will be much safer.

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