Friday, February 7, 2014

Total Commander PowerPack

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Category: File managers
Developer: Adam Bukowiƃ±ski
Size: 14 Mb

Features: Extended features compare with standard edition of Total Commander: own installer with choose type of installation and elements to install (language, plugins, icons, shortcuts, default skin) and installation type (for all users and personal) a lot of automatically configured plugins expanded main menu: tabs (tab management), system (quick launch system windows: desktop, my computer, fonts, network, printers, trash), extended configuration menu (direct access to configuration options) expanded toolbar: comments, quickview, search, CD tree, synchronize dirs, multirename tool) preconfiguration for advanced users predefined search patterns and custom fields (WDX) color file names depend on type skins changes icons, colors and fonts new color and layout Plugins and addons in Total Commander PowerPack 1.7: Total Commander 6.54a WCX plugins: 7zip 0.4.8 aes 0.6.3 chmDir 0.40 beta dbx 1.0 beta9 diskDir 1.4 gif 1.1 icl 1.2 img 0.9 beta iso 1.7.3 beta 3 lzx 1.1 mBox 1.10 msi 0.5.1 reg 1.4 rpm 1.5 sqx 1.06 Z 0.2 WLX plugins: csv 0.6.1 dbLister 2.01 eml 0.6 excellence 1.11 FileInfo 2.07 FlashView 1.4 IEView 1.94 a Imagine beta 4 INI Editor 1.1 ListDoc 1.2 mMedia 2.46 NFO Viewer 0.6.1 OpenOffice 1.1.0 SynPlus 2.7.1 tcCalendar 2.0u3 VisualDirSize 1.2 beta 1 WFX plugins: AceHelper 0.3.3 Calendar 1.02 dbLister 2.01 Device Manager 1.4 Environment Variables v ext2fs 1.3 EventNT FSNetStat 1.0 HTTP Browser 1.04 ntfs4tc 1.2 Plugin Manager 2.6 POP3 1.2 Ram Copy 1.3 Registry 2.6.1 RSS 0.7 SecureFTP Services 2.5 beta 1 Shared Files 1.0.2 StartUp Guard 0.5.2 TCBurner 0.9.3 TConsole 2.1 Uninstaller 1.7.3 d Versions 1.51 Virtual Disk 1.30 beta 3 WDX plugins: CDocProp 1.2 DirSizeCalc 1.21 exeFormat 0.2 Exif 1.47 beta FileX 1.4 ImageInfo 1.42 Media 0.6.1 Addons: Notepad2 1.0.12 Volkov Commander

What is new: update Total Commander application up to version 6.54a add second tool bar (system tools - for Windows 2000/XP/2003) fixed application loader TCPowerPack.exe - ability to add parameters to shortcut and set shortcut properties (for example: run maximized) added czech language pack (thx Fl) configuration change: combobox with drives is dislpay (DriveCombo=1) configuration change: full file name in footer (LongInStatus=1) little change of color file names update plugins added POP3 and Ram Copy plugin (WFX) remove plugins bZip, cpio, deb, dsp, resExtract (WCX) and arcview (WLX) fixed other bugs

The latest version of TC PowerPack. It contains own installer with many options, many plug-ins installed and configured automatically, the reconstructed toolbar, main menu and directories, predefinied own columns and search patterns, new design and skins. The total Commander PowerPack developed and configured with advanced users in mind. Includes English, Czech and Polish language packs.

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