Saturday, December 14, 2013

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Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Others
Developer: Golden Software Inc
Size: 53 Mb

Features: Graph Types Text Editor Curve Fits Worksheet Features Template Graphs Project Files Automation Axes Import and Export Options Error Bars Graph Wizard Labels and Curve Filling

What is new: User Friendly: Full Unicode integration to allow international fonts and characters in all aspects of the program. Install 32-bit or 64-bit version of Grapher 9. Updated to modern Windows look. Moved Grapher.INI file settings to Tools | Options command for easier setting of default values. Drag and drop plots into or out of graphs and to another graph. Added a Printer button in Page Setup under Windows Vista and 7. New update feature lets you know when a new program update is available or when there is news from Golden Software. Control the display of thick lines on the screen. Graph Features: Display clipped bars to the clipping limit, rather than always removing clipped bars. Clip fit curves using the standard clipping options. Clip confidence intervals using the standard clipping options. New label all portions of box and whisker plots. Move log axis option to remove zeros from INI to axis properties. Move graph titles with the mouse with the Move Lab...

Grapher is a simple yet powerful application designed to create publication quality graphics quickly and easily. With Grapher, creating graphs quickly. Create one of more than 40 unique 2D or 3D graphics modes in Grapher! Customize every part of each graph to make the graph completely unique to your situation! There are four different types of 2D-graphics can be created in Grapher: linear bar, and special types of polar graph. In addition, many of these types of charts available with 3D version. If you need additional variables displayed on your graph, try one of the graphs 3D XYZ, contour maps, or surface maps! Create your own graphics using the updated easy to follow Graph Wizard. Add legends, curve fits, annotations, and drawing objects to complete the graph. Organize your objects in the improvement of controller objects and edit your graphs in the updated properties inspector! Editing has never been so easy! Create templates to use the same graph settings with multiple graphics processing files.Automate data included Scripter program or Script recording feature inside Grapher! Export graphs for use in presentations and publications in one of many formats Graphers for export, including PDF and EPS!

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