Monday, December 9, 2013

FontLab Studio terminator

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Developer: FontLab Ltd.
Size: 12 Mb

Features: Imports fonts with up to 64,000 glyphs as OpenType PS (.otf), Win TrueType / OpenType TT (.ttf), Win Type 1 (.pfb + .pfm/.afm), ASCII/Unix Type 1 (.pfa + .afm), Mac Type 1 (LWFN as .hqx, .bin), Mac TrueType (.dfont or FFIL as .hqx, .bin), TrueType AAT (.ttf, .dfont), Win Multiple Master (.pfb + .mmm), FontLab 2.5 (.vfa), FontLab 3.0-4.6/TypeTool/AsiaFont Studio/ScanFont/FontLab Studio (.vfb), Ikarus (.ik), BDF Bitmap (.bdf). Also imports glyphs as Adobe Illustrator 8 EPS (.ai, .eps), TIFF, BMP. Exports fonts with up to 6,400 glyphs as OpenType PS (.otf), Win TrueType / OpenType TT (.ttf), Win Type 1 (.pfb + .pfm/.afm), ASCII/Unix Type 1 (.pfa + .afm), Win Multiple Master (.pfb + .mmm), FontLab 3.0-4.6/TypeTool/AsiaFont Studio/ScanFont/TransType/FontLab Studio (.vfb). Also exports glyphs as Adobe Illustrator 8 EPS (.ai + .eps), TIFF, BMP. Mac version also exports Mac Type 1 (LWFN), Mac TrueType (.dfont or FFIL), Mac Multiple Master. Tools: Draw, Erase, VectorPaint, Mirror, Composite, Set Startpoint, Interpolate, Envelope, Remove Overlap, Merge Contours, Subtract Contours, Snap to Guides, Check Connections, Nodes at Extremes, Meter, TrueType and Type 1 manual hinting (with Flex), Undo (100+ levels), Sketch, Knife, Magic Wand, Rotate, Skew, Scale, Intersect Contours Filters: Actions: Bold, Outline, Sidebearings Control, Scale, Slant, Rotate, Autohint etc. Python-based filters: Digital, Shadow, Bevel, Drops, Slices, Mosaic. All filters can be applied on one or many glyphs. Actions can be also applied on multiple fonts at a time. Windows: Document Windows: Font, Glyph, Metrics; Dockable panels: Fonts, Preview/OpenType Sample/Anchors, OpenType, Class, Edit Macro, Output; Other panels: Font Map, Transformation, Editing Layers, Properties Encoding: Unicode (up to 4.1), Custom, ANSI, ASCII, and virtually all known codepages and encodings, Chinese, Japanese and Korean double-byte codepages Printouts: Font Table, Glyph List, Font Sample, Font Waterfall, Glyph Sample, Glyph Waterfall, Kerning Table, Quick Test

What is new: Improved OpenType generation: Adobe FDK for OpenType (AFDKO) version 2.5 is integrated, and the 6,400 glyph limit is removed. FLS can now save and generate fonts with up to 65,635 glyphs. Interpolated Nodes: Contour / Interpolate / Horizontal and Vertical enables and disables the “interpolated” state of a node (in X and Y separately). The position of an interpolated node will change accordingly if nodes between which an interpolated node is located are moved. Class Kerning Overlay Preview: All class members being overlaid semi-transparently on top of each other for the active kerning pair in the Metrics Window / Kerning mode if Tools / Options / Metrics window / Show all kerning class members for selected pair is enabled. OpenType Layout-aware Metrics Window: New setting in the Metrics window toolbar is available: Process Features. If enabled, OpenType Layout substitutions are performed to the text entered in the Metrics Window depending on the features enabled in the Op...

FontLab Studio is next?? IA-generation professional font editor created for Windows. It is a comprehensive solutions? Membership for font foundries, professional type designers, typographers and graphic? STUDY, which allows them? Ing design type to generate and modify fonts. FontLab Studio supports? All major outline font formats, including Type 1, TrueType, Multiple Master and OpenType.

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