Friday, January 31, 2014

Vista Codec Package Download Free

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Developer: Shark007
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What is new: fix subtitles on Vista

Codecs have been a problem for most users at one time or another. This is due to the fact that there has never been out of the box working solution that the average computer user could install and just have everything work properly from the beginning . There are several decent codec package solutions out there, but none of them did everything I wanted. I was always in need of fine-tuning, adjustments, or even a re-installation just to get the codecs I needed / wanted and most of the time, the file still did not play well. I have never claimed to be a media guru. In my experience, the media before the creation of these packages was Doubleclick the file I downloaded and hope that it was. So, with the help MSFN community, I decided to wrap up a minimum of codecs that most computer users need and share them with the world. The installation program before installing this concise yet comprehensive package will automatically remove most other popular codec releases from your computer. You won the necessary changes or improvements immediately enjoy your media content. Windows Media Player and Media Center Horizons instantly recognize all your files to play. Vista Codec Package does not contain a software media player and it does not associate file types. With this package installed you can use any media player, limited only by the players' capabilities, to play all movies and video clips. Streaming video is supported in different formats in all popular web browsers. VCP Users have the option to choose what is installed and where to install it using the public redistributable. After installation you can select to remove specific portions without removing the entire package. It can also be re-added to the removed items at any time. Note: Some antivirus and anti-malware programs flag of Vista Codec Package of being infected / malware, although the application is perfectly safe and does not pose a threat to the system. This is called a false positive. The term false positive is used when antivirus software wrongly classified as benign (harmless) file virus. Incorrect detection may be due to heuristics or incorrect virus signature database in the database. [Similar problems can occur in anti-trojan and anti-spyware software.]

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