Saturday, January 18, 2014

Minimoog V (Windows 7/8) Download Free

Size: 14 mb
Files: 2
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Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Mixers/Synthesizers
Developer: Arturia
Size: 14 Mb

Features: All the parameters of the original minimoog V New modulation matrix with up to 6 connections (12 sources and 32 destinations) New arpeggiator New LFO New Chorus and Stereo Delay Effect section More than 500 presets created by talented artists and sound designers Up to 32 voices of polyphony, and a Unison mode 3 voltage controlled oscillators with 5 waveforms 1 amazingly sounding 24 dB/octave filter 1 VCA 1 Mixer 1 Noise Generator 2 ADSR envelopes 1 external audio input and 1 external oscillator and filter modulation input Soft clipping function No aliasing from 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz 64-bit floating point precision Sampling rate: up to 96 kHz

What is new:

Top line ship funk from the '70s, the gangster whine of hip-hop mid 90's, there MINIMOOG always been doing its phat presence felt for over 3 decades. In partnership with Bob Moog, we decided to reproduce the legendary interface with the same look and feel than the original because of the special mood, and because many musicians wish to use the same interface they used in the past. But the reproduction of this synthesizer does not stop to look and feel, it `s also the back of their features inside.

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