Saturday, November 9, 2013

ConceptDraw MINDMAP (32/64 Bit) Download Free

Size: 210 mb
Files: 3
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Category: Science / CAD
Developer: Computer Systems Odessa
Size: 210 Mb

Features: The Outline and the Map views can be presented simultaneously Vector drawing tools The Brainstorming module Topics support project task information: duration, resources and percent completed Multi-Page Maps Multiple pages preview with possibility to navigate between pages and documents Integration with ConceptDraw Project 3 and Microsoft Project Support for popular file formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PICT, EPS, HTML, RTF Export to PDF, HTML, Microsoft PowerPoint MindManager Import MS Outlook task list export/import Spell Checker Support for Windows and Macintosh Export of mind map, outline and text notes to iPod

What is new: Full Screen Mode With full editing capability, easy navigation and product feature keyboard shortcuts, you get now more space to display ideas and present mind maps during meetings. New Drag and Drop feature to organize project related documentation Easily create hyperlinks from files associated with topics, making it a dynamic program for project related documentation and resource management. Hyperlinks are automatically created, and accurately organized around related topics. Make you mind maps available to view for all team members. ConceptDraw MINDMAP makes it easy to share map content with other project team members who do not have the ConceptDraw MINDMAP application installed. When MINDMAP users send mind maps via email, a PNG view attachment is automatically generated and attached to the email message.

ConceptDraw mind map is your personal assistant when discussing ideas, decisions and planning projects. This allows you to present information in a simple visual way by building trees of a concept or mind map. You can use ConceptDraw mind map to organize brainstorming sessions, take notes, plan your work and now. Use it: the end of the planning, manufacture any type of project ideas; Proposing economic efficiency, illustrated books and records; Writing articles and essays, lectures characterize. Recommendation: project management and consulting team of scientists and students, school psychologists writer ConceptDraw mind map using planning and personal information taken, Unit brainstorming and presenting a conversation. Standard Edition offers the versatility of mapping and drawing tools, Pre abundance of the same shape. Professional version supports a specific document format, many documents capacity building web sites and now.

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