Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cabri II Plus Download Free

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Features: Interface: New, larger, easy to read icons. More intuitive pop-up menu for resolving ambiguous selections. Change the attributes of any object in just a few clicks Labels: Now you can name all graphical objects and position labels anywhere around an object Expressions: Define expressions with one or more variables and evaluate them dynamically Instantaneous graphs: You can easily draw and study graphs of one or more functions, and direct manipulation allows you to explore a function̢۪s results according to its parameters Loci: Display loci of points or objects, loci of loci, and intersections with loci. You can also display equations of algebraic curves drawn using the Locus tool Smart lines: Only the useful portion of a line is displayed. You can change the length of that portion as often as you like Colours: Choose objects and text colours as well as the area fill colour from the new extended colour palette, or use the new dynamic colour feature Pictures (Bitmaps, JPEG, GIF): Attach any images to objects in the figure (points, line segments, polygons, background). The images will be updated during animations and as the figure is manipulated Text: Edit the style, font, and text attributes of individual characters Figure Description window: Now you can open a window to list all stages of the construction Recording a session: Record a session as you use the program. Then display it onscreen or print it at a later date to monitor students̢۪ progress, and clearly identify any difficulties they may be experiencing Import/Export figures: Figures can be transferred to and from your computer to Cabri Junior on TI graphing calculators (TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus)

What is new:

Construction of geometric objects on the computer offers a new dimension in relation to exercise the traditional way with pencil, paper, ruler and compass! Cabri II Plus offers a wide range of powerful and easy to use features. You can design and manage plane solid figures, from the simplest to the most complex. Free to manipulate the data at any stage of the construction of tests that conjectures, measurement or remove items, calculate, modify, or start over. Cabri II Plus is a cutting-edge tool for teaching and learning of geometry, which is designed for teachers and students of all levels, from primary school to university. Software as experts in the field of pedagogy, primarily because of its ease of use and solid educational institutions. The program is, according to experts in the field of pedagogy, especially for its strong educational institutions and ease of use.

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