Friday, October 18, 2013

nProtect GameGuard Personal x64 (by APTEMKA77)

Size: 210 mb
Files: 3
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Category: Antivirus
Developer: INCA Internet Co Ltd
Size: 210 Mb

Features: Virus and Spyware Unified Security: Protects the system from malware infection by monitoring a file’s execution, replication, relocation, and other actions. Automatically blocks ActiveX Controls being installed without the user’s consent. Completely removes hidden threats by scanning and removing malware that use Rootkit. Constantly monitors malware execution by periodic memory scans. Assures a stable system administration and minimum CPU and memory usage through a Multi-Threading technique. Strong Engine Performance: The Tachyon Engine, developed wholly from INCA Internet, provides an efficient malware response through scanning and treatment. Incorporates a second globally recognized engine (ICSA Labs, CheckMark, VB Certified) that scans 100% of the latest wild-list viruses. Proactive Detection protects the system by scanning for new unknown malware. Self Protection and Restoration: Protects itself from malware infections and intentional modifications / damage. When self-infected, it scans itself and repairs itself. When major files of the program, such as the anti-virus engine or pattern, are damaged, the program recovers itself from the damage and keeps the system safe. Live Update: 70 thousand monthly pattern-updates and holds the largest Korean malware database. Supports daily updates and emergency updates for an efficient malware threat correspondence. Prepares for emergency situations from new viruses and code zeroes through 24-hour global monitoring. Superior Features: Protects the product from unwanted option changes or deletions through an administrator password feature. Encrypt or permanently delete files with sensitive information to prevent information leakage. Automatically collects and sends malware suspicious files in the user’s system. Easily report “Treatment Failed” files after a treatment. Provides a preview of the report to the user.

What is new:

Nprotect GameGuard Personal application program is designed to be a virus / spyware that protects computer? S from malicious threats in real time, while providing a relaxed gaming environment and optimal game setting. In addition to the necessary security in all incoming threats, Nprotect Anti-Virus/Spyware provides overall security features which include file encryption / decryption, secure deletion, system clean, logs and alarms, and a daily update to protect against the latest threats. Game optimization - optimize the PC environment to act more quickly and efficiently from the game, improving the speed of the game, effectively tune the play environment for gamers to use their systems in optimum condition . - View system information and settings for optimizing the network and a list of areas where you couldoptimize memory space by deleting unnecessary files. - Speed ​​of the network and memory optimization provides the optimal environment for online games. Method game - finding and converting games Game Mode to disable any disruption to the user during the game Automatic. Automatic conversion GameMode gaming finds most online games and methods even in full screen presentations of multimedia asduring Point. - All notices, updates, and scanning schedules are implemented in the desktop background so it does not disturbusers during the game.

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