Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reason [poweraccu]

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Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Editors/Recorders
Developer: Propellerhead Software
Size: 13 Mb

Features: Buttons, knobs, faders and flashing LEDs â€" Reason's interface looks and feels like an instrument. In Reason, the sequencer and instruments are designed by the same people. With its total integration, no configuration or connections are needed - they are part of the same package and all the parts work seamlessly with each other. You build your rack as you work on your song. Create instruments and effects and route them any way you want to. Add, delete, replace and tweak. Your rack is what you want it to be. Flip the rack over to access the backside with all the cables and connectors. Here you can manually route anything to anything, just like in a real studio. Or simply leave it to Reason to automatically connect all your instruments and effects, unlike a real studio. Each cable plugs into exactly two holes, just like most real cables do. Only in Reason, you don't even have to crawl around the back side, unless you want to of course. If it looks like a button, it is a button. If you see a handle, it's for dragging. All controls in Reason look and feel natural to work with and integrate with your favorite hardware controller. What you see is really what you get. Reason offers everything at face value. No hidden screens, sub-menus or windows to flip through. The sequencer collects all notes and automation for each track, clearly laid out and easy to work with. Easy to get started with and as deep as you want it to be. Many devices have macro controls for ease of use. If you want, open them up and explore and tweak all its components within.

What is new: Fixed a bug that could lead to an “Unexpected Exception” message when starting Reason under certain conditions. Fixed a bug where the spectrum EQ window did not function properly after sample rate changes. Added Remote codec for Novation Launchkey. Fixed Rack Extension download time-out problem in Authorizer. Fixed a problem in Authorizer where an “Internal Error” dialog could be shown when trying to start a new Rack Extension download if old downloads were still in progress.

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